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Francesca is Bontasana’s recipes Master and Curator.
Creating plant-based, colorful, and natural recipes that are lovely to look at and good to eat is Francesca's daily challenge. She loves to summarize her thoughts with the following words: Cooking, like life, is made up of alternatives, not sacrifices!

“Bontasana is a gluten-free pasta ideal for those who do not want to give up taste, quality, and tradition. My favorite shape? It’s difficult to choose, but I can definitely say that I love theSorghum Mezze Maniche,Spirulina Pipe Rigate, andWhite Corn Maccheroni. Because, as I always say, life is made up of alternatives (in this case tasty and healthy) and not of sacrifices.”
—Francesca Bettoni


Carlotta Perego has a degree in design and loves cooking, animals, and plants. On Cucina Botanica she shares all her plant-based recipes, to help people cook healthy, easy, and sustainable dishes.

“Bontasana is not just a gluten-free pasta, it’s much more. It is made with a slow process and special flours, it comes in combinations of unique flavors, practically impossible to find elsewhere. What I prefer is that it is a healthy product, never ordinary, suitable for everyone, and also sustainable.”
—Carlotta Perego


As an architect Sanza knows how difficult it can be to combine our hustling lives with being healthy. That’s why at Sanza’s Kitchen, she shares recipes and tips that revolve around her plant-based eating and sustainable way of living to help people feel the healthiest version of themselves without giving up their whole life.

“Bontasana has become in no time my favorite staple. It’s much more than gluten-free pasta! I love that they contain superfoods such asSpirulina orTurmeric and Sarawak Pepper because I know that I’m covered. I’m not only enjoying a delicious pasta dish, but I’m also nourishing my body without even thinking about it!”
—Sanza Monleon


Sarahjoyce has a degree in Journalism, she loves and respects life in all its forms, and for this reason, she decided to devote her energies to spread the vegan philosophy through cooking and through writing informative content on various platforms.

“What I like most about Bontasana is its consistency after cooking it. This pasta is perfect for those who are looking for a creamy first course. Just dip the pasta into the sauce and add some cooking water for an incredible result!”
—Sarahjoyce Jona