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Great pasta for an even better world

Better for you 
Organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO, our pasta contains no pesticides, additives, or artificial colours or flavours.

Better for the planet
Our ancient grains are irrigation-free, meaning we save water for our future. And all of our recipes are free from any animal ingredients.

Better for farmers
We work closely with our small growers to ensure our supply chain is socially and environmentally responsible.

Better for pasta lovers
Naturally gluten-free and deliciously al dente, Bontasana is the pasta you’ve been dreaming of.

How it all started

A shared vision. A chance encounter. Sometimes that’s all it takes to change the world.

A revolution in pasta, Bontasana is the brainchild of two forces of nature—Monia Caramma and Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni. One morning, the two met by accident. By that evening, their idea for a better pasta had come to life.

Eager to restore this uniquely Italian staple’s natural balance, sustainability and flavour, Monia and Sebastiano have combined their passions for research and hard work with their deep love for the art of food to bring you the perfect pasta.

Monia Caramma

During Monia’s twenty years’ experience as an Eating & Food Designer, one of her areas of focus has been ancient grains and superfoods. Since 2018, she has served as the European subject matter expert for the EU organization Sorghum-ID.

Initially motivated to resolve her own debilitating health issues for which doctors could provide no cure, Monia has devoted her professional life to creating nutrient-dense and naturally health-promoting foods made from simple, clean, gluten-free whole foods—and nothing more.

This is why Bontasana’s ingredient lists are so short. The longest contains only three.

Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni

Sebastiano’s diverse and impressive bio is a true testament to his character and nature. A vegan investor, entrepreneur and advisor to governments, global companies and non-profit organizations, he is also an animal rights activist, and the owner and honorary chairman of Querciabella, an award-winning vegan, organic and biodynamic winery from Tuscany.

Committed to transforming the future of food and agriculture, guided by compassion and respect for the environment, Bontasana was a natural fit for Sebastiano.


“The first time I tasted Bontasana I couldn't believe it was a gluten-free, natural, and organic pasta; I was also amazed by the digestibility and cooking resistance, fundamental points for those who, like me, work in professional catering and care about the satisfaction of their customers. I immediately found myself in line with the philosophy: meticulous research of raw materials, craftsmanship, very slow desiccation. Bontasana is, in my menus, the pasta for everyone.”
Chef Emanuele Giorgione, Wellness Gourmet

“Each ancient grain that makes up this Bontasana pasta presents positive qualities. It is the queen of taste and simplicity. Thanks to its extreme versatility, it is a fundamental resource for everyday cooking. Quick to cook, tasty, light, and nutritious at the same time, it has all the credentials to be everyone's favorite food. I love cooking Bontasana pasta because it is in line with my philosophy of life and in the kitchen it releases energy, vitality, and creativity, thus making each dish unique.”
— Carla Casali, Veg Chef

“Bontasana is not just a gluten-free pasta, it’s much more. It is made with a slow process and special flours, it comes in combinations of unique flavors, practically impossible to find elsewhere. What I prefer is that it is a healthy product, never ordinary, suitable for everyone, and also sustainable.”
— Carlotta Perego, Cucina Botanica


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