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She has put Romagna in the vegan philosophy, the only one that is in line with her choices: respect for the environment, respect for people, and respect for animals. From that point on she created a seasonal cuisine based on high quality, healthy and natural products.

“I love cooking Bontasana pasta because it is in line with my philosophy of life and in the kitchen it releases energy, vitality, and creativity, thus making each dish unique.Sorghum pasta? It is undoubtedly my favorite kind of pasta. Aromatic, with a rich and genuine flavour, it is perfect for bringing to the table the aromas and tastiness of nature. I love cookingMezze Maniche with with leek au gratin and boiled Jerusalem artichoke or baked with red onion, radicchio from Treviso, and oat béchamel.”
—Carla Casali


Emanuele Giorgione is a Chef, educator and consultant for Wellness Cuisine. He is passionate about the well-being of people, animals and the planet and has built his reputation in prestigious Italian and international kitchens. In 2002 he decided to make a major career change and began collaborating with medical teams and nutritionists to commence his journey into the world of Wellness Centers and Medical Spas, leading him to become one ofthe most esteemed professionals in the sector today.

“I have cooked Bontasana pasta in a thousand different ways: its perfect texture and versatility are a guarantee for successful recipes to satisfy even the most discerning of palates.”
—Emanuele Giorgione


Luca Gubelli, born in Milan in 1972, returns to Val D’Aosta as executive chef at the CampZero luxury resort after a series of successes in renowned Italian restaurants, including the Orti di Leonardo, the Croce d’Oro and the Royal in Courmayeur, alongside chef Paolo Vai. 

“The kitchen is a workroom where we are continually and passionately experimenting, not least to satisfy the growing number of guests’ food requirements. We recognise how much pasta is a cuisine staple, even for people with intolerances or those looking for alternatives to the classic wheat variety. Indisputably, Bontasana pasta is the elusive element that was lacking in the kitchen; we were looking for something special that could enrich traditional dishes with a contemporary twist, creating innovative flavours for refined palates.” 
—Luca Gubelli


Following his decision to eliminate animal products and derivatives from his daily life, it was this same ambitious drive that inspired Davide Leo to quit the multimedia graphic sector in favour of specializing in catering and events. In 2016 he launched his Rifugio Romano vegan trattoria, thanks to which he was able to promote his personal plant-based cuisine which is inspired by the memories and tastes of Italian home cooking.

“Bontasana is my go-to pasta because it’s perfect for creating ever more inclusive dishes, it really upscales their quality and taste. Each pasta shape keeps its consistency and creates impeccable creaminess in the sauces but at the same time it has a perfect ‘al dente’ bite. Every shape is an experience, we are so lucky to be dealing with an exceptional pasta.” 
—Davide Leo


The talented chef built his reputation in prestigious national and international kitchens; in 2013 he joined Lefay Resorts & Spa, Lago di Garda, where he embraced the resort’s ethics advocating sustainability and well-being.

“Initially sceptical, I was won over by the superior nutritional properties of the cereals used in Bontasana pasta compared to other gluten-free products. I started experimenting, and each dish turned out to be a great success! One of my favorites is White Corn Penette Rigate, its shape and cooking resistance make it ideally versatile, suitable even for the highest level of gourmet cuisine. White Corn Pipe Rigate + Spirulina, the traditional shape I tried first, has become my absolute favorite; an extraordinary pasta that tastes like home with a contemporary flavor!”
—Matteo Maenza


Originally from Trento, Tadzio moved to Milan at the age of 19. Embracing the vegan lifestyle, he quickly progressed from itinerant pastry chef at various vegan restaurants to inaugurating and managing Alhambra Cafè, the first 100% vegan bakery in Italy. Passionately involved in the music scene, he plays in various hardcore punk bands, and organizes concerts and events globally.

My favorite Bontasana shape? It’s the Pipe Rigate with Spirulina... because green is my favorite color.
—Tadzio Pederzolli