Francesca Bettoni

Francesca is Bontasana’s recipes Master and Curator.
Creating plant-based, colorful, and natural recipes that are lovely to look at and good to eat is Francesca's daily challenge. She loves to summarize her thoughts with the following words: Cooking, like life, is made up of alternatives, not sacrifices!

“Bontasana is a gluten-free pasta ideal for those who do not want to give up taste, quality, and tradition. My favorite shape? It’s difficult to choose, but I can definitely say that I love the Sorghum Mezze Maniche, Spirulina Pipe Rigate, and White Corn Maccheroni. Because, as I always say, life is made up of alternatives (in this case tasty and healthy) and not of sacrifices.”
—Francesca Bettoni

Carla Casali

She has put Romagna in the vegan philosophy, the only one that is in line with her choices: respect for the environment, respect for people, and respect for animals. From that point on she created a seasonal cuisine based on high quality, healthy and natural products.

“I love cooking Bontasana pasta because it is in line with my philosophy of life and in the kitchen it releases energy, vitality, and creativity, thus making each dish unique. Sorghum pasta? It is undoubtedly my favorite kind of pasta. Aromatic, with a rich and genuine flavour, it is perfect for bringing to the table the aromas and tastiness of nature. I love cooking Mezze Maniche with with leek au gratin and boiled Jerusalem artichoke or baked with red onion, radicchio from Treviso, and oat béchamel.”
—Carla Casali

Emanuele Giorgione

Emanuele Giorgione is a Chef, educator, and consultant for Wellness Cuisine. His commitment is based on the well-being of people, animals, and the planet. Emanuele has worked in prestigious Italian and international kitchens. In 2002 he decided to make a change in his career: collaborating with medical teams and nutritionists, he began his journey in the world of Spas and Medical Spas. It was this involvement that led him to be one of the most recognized professionals in the wellness cuisine field.

“I have cooked Bontasana pasta in a thousand different ways: its perfect texture and versatility are a guarantee for successful recipes to satisfy the most demanding palates.”
—Emanuele Giorgione