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Our White Corn comes from Italian organic farming.

We use Sorghum from Italian organic farming. We control the supply chain both through our trusted mill and through Sorghum ID, an organization committed to spreading this variety.

We use 5% (5 g per 100 g of pasta) of organic raw turmeric, a quantity that respects the balance between the benefits of this spice and its pronounced taste. If you compare the nutritional values ​​between the White Corn and the Turmeric and Sarawak Pepper pasta you will see the difference in iron content. This is why we suggest not to throw away the cooking water, but to reuse it for other preparations.

Sarawak Pepper is a select spice native to Borneo, Malaysia. It is appreciated for its fresh and persistent aroma, capable of enhancing dishes; it has an elegant spiciness, not invasive like the more common black pepper. The amount we add to the pasta dough is the result of much research and testing that is based on scientific proof that piperine helps to make curcumin bioavailable. At this link, you will find one of the most recent studies.

We use 4% (4 g per 100 g of pasta) of organic spirulina, and the difference in the nutritional values compared with our basic White Corn pasta can be seen in its iron content. This is why we suggest not to throw away the cooking water, but to reuse it for other preparations.


We suggest draining the pasta after following the shorter cooking time if the recipe calls for the pasta to be sautéed, au gratin, or in any case, placed in another pan with the sauce. If you prefer to dress it directly on a plate or in a serving container, we recommend following the longer cooking time.

The White Corn pasta is distraction-proof, the cooking time can be exceeded by up to 2 minutes without overcooking it.

We love when pasta is al dente and all our lines cook perfectly.

Unlike other kinds of pasta, leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator and heated in the microwave or in a pan, as you prefer.

We have two secrets: the flour and the thickness of the dough. Their balance determines cooking endurance and richness during chewing. The fine and artisanal wheat pasta have cooking times very similar to those of Bontasana. That’s why we consider the Fusilloni a gourmet format and Fusilli a format suitable even for children.


We produce Bontasana in an artisan pasta factory that uses the traditional method. The dies are entirely made of bronze (both the discs and the inserts), designed and engineered especially for us. The lining of White Corn and Spirulina “Pipe”, for example, was made by engraving the bronze by hand, using an instrument of millimetric precision. Try touching them to feel the body and the gently granular surface texture.

We dry it at a low temperature for about 20 hours. Time may vary in relation to the environment’s and flour’s humidity, temperature, and season.


We only use water, flour, and superfoods: our pasta does not contain mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, emulsifiers, or other aggregates. The entire production chain is certified to ensure the absence of contamination with ingredients or materials of animal origin. The size of the sieve meshes (in microns) are checked in order to exclude the presence of small insects, typical of flour.

All raw materials are certified gluten-free, and the production process follows strict standards to avoid contamination. The pasta is sent to a laboratory for analysis on nutritional values as well as testing for gluten.

White Corn, Sorghum, and superfoods are Non-GMO certified.

Besides satisfying the strict requirements of our buyers who adhere to the dietary guidelines set by their Religions, these certifications guarantee the absence of contamination of animal origin ingredients in the entire production chain. The size of the sieve meshes (in microns) are checked in order to exclude the presence of small insects, typical of flour. The inspections of both certifiers are rigid and carried out with scrupulous control criteria.


The entire Bontasana pasta range has been included in the National Register of special gluten-free foods that are provided free-of-charge as part of your prescription.

The Ministry of Health does not permit the coeliac vouchers to be used online.

The monthly vouchers can be used in all pharmacies, plus in over-the-counter pharmacies, traditional and organic supermarkets, specialized and affiliated shops.

Please write to info@bontasana.com and we will contact the shop or pharmacy to make our pasta available for purchase. We kindly ask you to provide the name, address and/or telephone number of the contact person.


The warranty seal on the package is compostable and free of animal-derived glue. The adhesive tape used to close the case is made of compostable paper and uses the properties of natural rubber for glueing and tear resistance.

Both crops respect the protection of water resources and do not need artificial irrigation, even in the driest periods of the year. The yields are not the same as those of standard farming, but we believe that agriculture must be based on respect for the planet and on the conscious use of resources.

The cooking water of our pasta is rich in starches that are wellness friendly. It can be reused for soups and broths or to cook legumes and vegetables. The White Corn collection, in particular Turmeric and Sarawak Pepper, retains the turmeric properties.


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