White Corn

Delicate, sweet and buttery…

White corn is an ancient grain that has been cultivated in Italy since the beginning of the 16th century. The cob of white corn has a pearly white color, and it differs from traditional yellow corn not only in colour but also in flavour and nutritional content.

Throw all your ideas about corn out of the window and embrace white corn. Light in texture, easy to digest and nearly impossible to overcook, this is a perfect pasta for any day of the week. Kids love it too!

White Corn + Turmeric + Sarawak Pepper

Earthy and mild with a warm woody spice...

Our pasta gets its vibrant colour from adding 5% turmeric, which is much higher than the average 1%. We use the finest Sarawak pepper along with the turmeric to boost the body’s ability to absorb this superfood and take advantage of its nutritional benefits.

We believe in pasta that not only tastes great but is good for you too. Wonderful with a lentil ragu or an eggplant sauce like pasta alla Norma.

White Corn + Spirulina

Mild grassy flavour with a little hint of the sea…

Our pasta gets its deep colour from adding 7% spirulina, which is much higher than the average 1%. Rich in iron and a good source of fatty acids, spirulina makes our pasta one you can feel good about eating!

The pipe-shaped pasta lends itself to simple additions like cherry tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil but is very versatile, so here’s your chance to get creative. It’s delicious served cold in pasta salads!


Nutty, wholesome and satisfying...

Sorghum is an ancient, naturally gluten-free African grain that boasts an incredible nutritional profile. It is a staple grain for many families because of its versatility and health and energy-boosting properties.   

The nuttiness of our sorghum pasta makes us dream of a creamy mushroom sauce or a walnut pesto.

Discover why our pasta is so special


Made from naturally gluten-free ancient grains and spices, Bontasana delivers the taste and texture you’ve been dreaming of–with none of the gluten you’ve been trying to avoid.


Beloved by chefs and kids alike, each of Bontasana’s unique flavors offers a gourmet experience. From the creamy texture of our white corn pasta to the floral aroma of our turmeric and Sarawak pepper blend and the nuttiness of our sorghum variety, Bontasana is suitable for any recipe.

Good for you

Each of our handful nutrient-dense superfood ingredients is certified organic, vegan, Kosher and non-GMO. No pesticides, chemicals, artificial coloring, preservatives or mono or diglyceride fatty acid-based additives are ever used.

Al dente

At Bontasana we are committed to the highest standards of Italian pasta production. We slow-dry our pasta to ensure consistent al dente quality, even when baked (au gratin). The traditional Italian method of bronze-die cutting gives our pasta a rough surface that perfectly holds onto sauces, providing the perfect bite.