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We like to think that one of the ingredients that makes Bontasana a special pasta is in knowing that your choice is helping to spread a more responsible approach to food and the planet.
Do you want to introduce Bontasana in your menu proposal or in your shop?
We reserve exclusive conditions and dedicated support for you: advice on how to cook it, present it, communicate it.

If you are a chef or a professional in the ho.re.ca
Bontasana was created to be good for everyone, not just for those who have intolerances. Kosher and Halal certified, it is completely free of contamination of animal origin and alcohol. Moreover, thanks to its structure, which doubles the volume in cooking and always remains al dente, it is ideal both for calculating food cost and for enduring preparations that test their integrity (cooking, blast chilling, tempering).

If you are the owner of a business
Bontasana is a truly unique pasta, so much so that it has no direct competitors on the market. Kosher and Halal, this pasta is created with non-GMO organic raw materials, with superfood percentages clearly higher than the average, and is certified by numerous national and international bodies that guarantee its quality and safety at every stage of production.

If you want to organize exclusive events in your store
We are available to help you create presentations accompanied by a tasting or extensive webinars on grains.

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