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Multipack Family

[price per 250 g box = €3,78]

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If you have finicky eaters in your family, this multipack has something for everyone, including the little ones! The flavours complement a variety of sauces, from creamy to tomato-based, and each of the selections is excellent in oven-baked dishes. Remember: noodles double in size during cooking.

Looking to make nutritious meals that kids love, are quick and easy to prepare and you can easily reheat for leftovers? Choose this multipack!

Our selection of 250g boxes includes:
1 Fusilli № 13 · White Corn
1 Maccheroni № 25 · White Corn
1 Mezze Maniche № 29 · White Corn
1 Pennette Rigate № 10 · White Corn
1 Fusilloni № 82 · White Corn + Turmeric + Sarawak Pepper
1 Mezze Maniche № 79 · Sorghum

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