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During Monia’s twenty years’ experience as an Eating & Food Designer, one of her areas of focus has been ancient grains and superfoods. Since 2018, she has served as the European subject matter expert for the EU organization Sorghum-ID.

Initially motivated to resolve her own debilitating health issues for which doctors could provide no cure, Monia has devoted her professional life to creating nutrient-dense and naturally health-promoting foods made from simple, clean, gluten-free whole foods—and nothing more. This is why Bontasana’s ingredient lists are so short. The longest contains only three.


Sebastiano’s diverse and impressive bio is a true testament to his character and nature. A vegan investor, entrepreneur and advisor to governments, global companies and non-profit organizations, he is also an animal rights activist, and the owner and honorary chairman of Querciabella, an award-winning vegan, organic and biodynamic winery from Tuscany.

Committed to transforming the future of food and agriculture, guided by compassion and respect for the environment, Bontasana was a natural fit for Sebastiano.


Since he was a child Adriano developed a strong passion for food: research, experience and culture. After a degree in Politics in Milan and a Business Master at Bocconi University, Adriano built a 30 years’ experience in marketing, communication and sales covering specific positions in consumer insights, trade marketing, marketing management, shopper marketing, advertising and sales.
Adriano has worked for Mc Cann Erickson. GPF & Associati and Kraft Foods. He has been Managing Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Milan for 12 years.
He then started his own company in retail and launched a wine e-commerce.
Adriano has taught at Ied Milan, Accademia di Comunicazione, Bologna Business School and Polimoda Firenze.

Since 2021 his mission is to make Bontasana grow in Italy and in the world.