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Multipack Gourmet

[price per 250 g box = €3,46]

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This multipack is designed for those of you who love to experiment in the kitchen with different flavours and pasta shapes. Perhaps you love cooking and sharing beautiful photos of your food? This collection will please the gourmand and is a one-stop-shop solution if you want to experiment with the breadth of our selection!

Our selection of 250g boxes includes:
1 Pennette Rigate № 10 · White Corn
2 Fusilloni № 82 · White Corn + Turmeric + Sarawak Pepper
1 Maccheroni № 85 · White Corn + Turmeric + Sarawak Pepper
1 Pipe Rigate № 94 · White Corn + Spirulina
1 Mezze Maniche № 79 · Sorghum

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Choose your next shape.

Our pasta is designed and made with care to make your meals even more special. Let yourself be inspired.