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Sorghum Casarecce with Pea Pesto and Basil

Sorghum Casarecce with Pea Pesto and Basil
Plate of Sorghum Casarecce with Pea Pesto and Basil
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Ingredients · Serves 4

  • 250 grams (one box) of Bontasana Sorghum Casarecce
  • 200 grams fresh peas, shelled
  • Half a garlic clove, minced
  • 30 grams blanched almonds
  • 8-10 young basil leaves
  • 20 grams nutritional yeast flakes
  • Extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • Salt and black pepper to taste

Bring a large pot of water to a boil and cook the Sorghum Casarecce according to the package directions.

In the meantime, heat a drizzle of olive oil in a pan over low heat and add the minced garlic and lightly fry it. When translucent, add the peas with a pinch of salt and sauté for about 10 minutes or until they are soft. If necessary, you can add a drop of water to prevent the peas from sticking to the pan.

Once cooked, reserve a few peas for garnish, and put the remainder in a blender along with the basil leaves, nutritional yeast, pepper and extra virgin oil. Blitz a few times until you have the desired consistency.

Drain the Casarecce and dress it with the pesto. Arrange the pasta among four plates, garnish with the reserved peas and serve hot. If desired, drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil and a few cracks of black pepper.

Recipe by Carlotta Perego
Cucina Botanica